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Hello all Sea Hawkers and Seahawks fans!

We are three weeks into this exciting young Seahawks season and we want to thank everyone for dealing with the new ‘realities’ here at Skeptical. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we go through this together.

Unfortunately we are still not able to accept reservations. Seating will be on a first come, first served basis and be based by party size. We can’t ask or expect people to be willing to share their table space, nor can we expect later arrivers to want to share a table with strangers. Therefor, we will have group size minimums for seating at some of our larger tables. If people CHOOSE to share their table space, that is entirely up to them and those willing to share with them, but it is our recommendation, that for everyone’s safety, that they do not.

What would be very helpful for everyone is if you arrived at our pub with a group or a plan to meet someone here. We are having increasing difficulty accommodating people who are coming by themselves or in groups of two. These available seats and tables are limited and always fill up first.

If you are unable to visit with us for a game with a group and plan on attending solo, we ask that you come to the pub as early as possible. We are running out of these seats as much as 30 minutes before kick-off. If we are unable to accommodate anyone who visits the pub for a game we are truly sorry. 

We are requiring all guests to help us follow the governor’s and CDC’s guidelines for restaurant patronage; masks must be worn at all times someone is not at their table, groups will be held to ten people or less at any single table and all guests not together will need to keep a safe social distance of 6 feet apart.

We currently have seating for 100 guests, or about 50% of what we normally have. If we hit our capacity we will not be able to allow anyone else into the restaurant, again, per Governor Ducey’s orders. There can be no standing room or adding, moving or combining of tables.

We have been filled to capacity every week so far this year. We ask everyone who wants to come in for Seahawks games to follow a single mantra; “Please be cool.” It is very hard for us, being in the hospitality business to now have to ‘police’ our restaurant, but that’s the position we have been put in, so that we may be able to stay open and maintain our vital business licenses.

We appreciate you all and hope that we see you and can have a great season together during these difficult times.

Slainte & Go Hawks!

Sincerely, Matt Brennan, owner, Skeptical Chymist