The Irish know how to Party!

Hello all Sea Hawkers and Seahawks fans!

We are very excited to host you all for another post season at the Skeptical Chymist. Unfortunately, we had to turn away over 40 fans this last Sunday including several big groups because we had large tables at the pub occupied with one or two guests.

To avoid this same scenario for the post season and to maximize the number of fans we can fit into the pub we will be pre-selling table reservations in anticipation of this Saturday’s 2:40 game against the Rams.

Table reservations will be pre-sold on a first come, first served basis and will be based on minimum party size requirements per table. We can not guarantee specific tables to any reservation and we will not be able to sell reservations to solo individuals. Pricing will be $25 per seat based on the minimum seats needed to occupy the table and 100% of the reservation amount can be applied to your tab during your visit on 1/9/21.

Reservations can be made by calling the pub at 480-609-8677. Be sure to have your name, cell number, party size and credit card information available when you call.

Here are the following stipulations for buying a reservation:
• There are no refunds
• Your table will be available by 1 o’clock on Saturday, 1/9/21 and we cannot guarantee that it will be available before 1 o’clock.
• Your table must be seated by 2:10 PM or you will risk forfeiting it to another party
• All sales must be made with a credit card and are final

We look forward to a COVID-19-responsible packed house on the 9th and to a long post-season run for our Seahawks.

Thank you everyone, Slainte and go Hawks!

Sincerely, Matt Brennan, owner, Skeptical Chymist